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Why I Prefer "Good" Over "Perfect"

I've been listening to a podcast that's covering a pretty messy topic. The guests on the show are making the point that women have every right to be able to make themselves look as close to perfect as they want to.

And sure, that's true.

Women do have a right to do that, but at what cost?

How far do we have to go to feel satisfied?

I have personally found that an incessant quest for perfection has never been a good thing for me. Ever.

Take Christmas, for example. It's three days before the big day and I want it to feel magical and happy for my family. I could spend the next 48 hours buying, baking, and wrapping until I'm completely exhausted or I could simply choose to focus on a few simple things and be fully present with them. Maybe light a few candles and play some games or sing some Christmas carols by the tree. No big deal.

Will my Christmas be perfect? Certainly not.

But will it be beautiful and memorable? You can count on it.

And this simplified approach can be applied to every area of life.

Perfectionism is a game that can never be won, but goodness doesn't even have to try.

Because good is easy.

Perfection is not.

And I don't know about you, but easy is sounding pretty nice right about now.


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