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Time to Start Thinking About Christmas and a Free Printable Christmas Card

I don't usually like to think about Christmas until the day after Thanksgiving, but ever since I started selling my work at a local boutique, I have found it helpful to start working on designs way in advance.

And I have mixed feelings about it.

Christmas songs are now looping in my brain, and thoughts of candy canes and gingerbread houses just won't leave me alone.

It's fun, but also way too soon for me. It's not even November yet.

But I'm trying to adapt because not only do I have to get the designs ready, but I truly do love Christmas - which is the very reason I like to wait until the time is right to celebrate. I simply don't want to ruin what is the most magical time of the year by overdoing it way in advance.

So I'm compromising.

I'm saying yes to creating designs right now and no to everything else.

No to Christmas shopping (I know this sounds crazy, but I like to do it all at once at the beginning of December).

No to Christmas music.

No to Christmas decorating.

November will probably end up being a mix of both Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Hopefully it won't make me too crazy.

Here's the first of many Christmas designs.

Happy printing!

Click on image to download.


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