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Free Printable Christmas Wrapping Paper for Small Gifts

I have a hard time finding wrapping paper I like.

It seems like it's all either too cartoon-ish or too sophisticated for my taste. I prefer something in the middle.

A little bit of sophistication, with a touch of whimsy.

So, this morning I decided to start designing some Christmas wrapping paper. You can print 8 x 10 sheets at home in two colors:



Can you tell I love pink? :)

Obviously you won't be able to wrap large gifts with this size of paper, but I found that you can use one sheet of paper for tiny boxes (for gifts like jewelry) and two sheets of paper on a medium size box for gifts like hats. For the medium boxes, simply cover the bottom of the box first, then add another sheet to go around the top and sides of the box. It's not perfect on the bottom, but if you're careful, you can get it looking pretty clean.

I just think it's really nice to be able to print wrapping paper right at home...especially with all that's going on with Covid19 right now.

I'll also attach the greeting cards to go along with the paper.

I like to pair the darker card with the lighter paper and the lighter card with the darker paper for contrast.

Happy printing!

Click on each image to download.


Here are they are in two shades of sage:


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