Light & Airy, Minimal Fall Living Room Refresh

It seems to be a pretty popular sentiment to love fall. I'm no exception to this, except there are several aspects of it that I'm actually not a fan of.

Mostly, I just don't love bright orange and brown - especially together.

It's just not a color combination that makes me feel happy.

Because of this, fall seems to be a time when I feel quite conflicted because I want to keep a light and airy feel, but still want to change things up enough to create the feeling of coziness that I love about fall.

So here's my attempt this year.

I started off by creating a color palette on I was determined to keep it mostly soft tones with a little bit of blush pink in the mix. (I can't seem to let go of that color right now.)

I like to keep my main furniture pieces neutral so I can easily and inexpensively change up a few things here and there as the seasons change.

I added a couple of delicate, muted stems to my coffee table and switched out the accent pillow covers to a light toffee color. This color looks beautiful with the whites, yet still feels like a hint of fall to me.

Then I changed out the art around the room. I used some of my own prints and some that I found on I love that website! So many great options that you can print for free.

You can find the photo below, right here.

(Oh, man, my aloe vera plant is looking a little sad.) You can find the photo below, right here.

Then I added a few more dried stems around the room and switched out the coffee table books to fit in with my color palette.

You can find the art print below, right here.

I don't love bright orange pumpkins, but I did find some small blush pink ones, so I just bought one to give a little touch of the obvious (but with a twist). I also added a string of fairy lights to add a little sparkle.

And that's pretty much it! Just a few touches here and there and it feels like my kind of fall.