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Alternative to a White Sofa

I've wanted a white sofa for basically my entire life. The problem is that I have four kids and a dog, so keeping it clean would be too overwhelming for me.

Sure, I could go the route of buying a slipcovered one, but then I'd just be a slave to washing it all the time. No, thank you. I'd rather spend my time perusing through all the beautiful ones on Pinterest and let someone else do the dirty work.

But because I really do love a "light, bright, and airy" look, I decided to see if I could figure out a way to achieve a similar look by layering accessories that are much easier to keep clean.

I started off with a charcoal sofa set and added two large white throw pillows on the ends of both the sofa and the love seat. (I feel like they have to be big ones in order to get the full effect.)

I then added a few more white throw pillows and blankets in different textures. I also sprinkled white in other areas around the room with curtains, vases, and frames. This definitely helps to enhance the overall "light, bright, and airy" look as well.

So, basically, I'd say the key to getting this look is to layer plenty of LARGE, substantial white pieces on top of your sofa, and then sprinkle other white accessories in areas and surfaces around your sofa.

No, it doesn't give off the exact same dreamy vibe that a white sofa does, but it does come close. And it's SO much easier to maintain.

I've lived with this solution for over a year now and honestly love it. I hardly ever have to do any extra cleaning, beyond the usual maintenance. So nice!!

My dog, Charlie can jump up and bark at the neighbors without me worrying about dog prints. :)

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